A better outlook for women at risk

March 7, 2017

Life looks a little brighter from the fourth floor – just ask Tanya.

Tanya is one of the female residents in the Hampton Road lodging house at Freo. Until recently she shared a floor with 25 other women on level 2 of the building. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t secure – any of the building’s male residents could access the floor at any time.

Now the building has been reworked to house all the female residents on one level, giving them more space and secure swipe-card entry for peace of mind.

“It feels like our space now,” Tanya says. “A place for us to be ourselves, relax and form closer friendships.”

Lodge Manager Melissa Selke says the feedback from all residents has been fantastic.

“Feeling more safe and secure in your home, especially if your background has involved family violence or fear, is very empowering,” she says. “This will make a positive difference to the overall atmosphere and dynamic of the lodging house.”