A Haven of Hope: How Stable Housing Transformed Marie’s Life

January 19, 2024

In the face of adversity, Marie* found stability through Foundation Housing (FHL), breaking free from the shackles of domestic violence and securing a new future for herself and her four children. For the past 12 years, Marie has called a Foundation Housing home her own. 

Marie’s journey with Foundation Housing began at a women’s refuge where she sought safety from domestic violence. Determined to rebuild her life and provide a safe and stable environment for her family, she learned about the organisation and was provided with support to apply for accommodation and eventually, she was given a property to call ‘home’. 

Since securing accommodation, Marie has been able to provide her children with more than just shelter – she has given them a stable foundation for growth and success. Proximity to public transport, shops, and local support services has made a significant difference in their daily lives. Marie beams with pride as she shares, “I have been able to provide a consistent and secure roof over my children’s head that is close to everything. I walk to the shops all the time and the kids can just walk to the bus stop and be on their way to school. It’s convenient.” 

Marie’s home has also offered a sense of permanence and community that was absent in her life before. In the past, the family was constantly on the move due to the violence they faced, causing instability and disrupting the ability to form connections. Since joining FHL, Marie and her family have found a haven where they can be part of a community without the constant fear of relocation. “We haven’t moved since we were introduced to FHL, and it’s been great to make friends in the area,” she says with a smile. 

One of the unique aspects of Foundation Housing, as expressed by Marie, is the sense of security that goes beyond the typical landlord-tenant relationship. “I feel secure knowing that I can afford to pay rent and that my ‘landlord’ won’t sell the property because they can’t afford to pay the mortgage or because they’ve changed plans,” she shares. 

In Marie’s story, we witness the transformative power of affordable housing. It goes beyond just offering shelter; it provides a lifeline for those escaping violence, a sanctuary for families seeking stability, and a community where lasting connections can be created.  


*Identify hidden for safety and privacy purposes.