A Heartwarming Triumph: Elevate Program Rescues Family from the Brink of Homelessness

October 4, 2023

In the face of adversity, Shanice and her family’s journey through the housing crisis has taken an inspiring turn, thanks to the Elevate affordable housing program by Foundation Housing.  

For three long years, Shanice, Corey and their son had been on an exhausting quest to find a place to call home. Countless applications for rental properties were met with disappointment, leaving them in the challenging position of living with friends and family in tight quarters. The uncertainty of their living situation weighed heavily on them. 

When their last lease expired, and the real estate company showed no interest in renewing, they faced a daunting two-month deadline to find a new place. But in the fiercely competitive rental market, luck was in short supply. Just when despair threatened to set in, a glimmer of hope emerged. 

A distant memory reminded Shanice of the Elevate program and with determination she contacted Foundation Housing. Luckily, a three-bedroom home had just become available, and it was yet to be listed for rent. This was Shanice and Corey’s lifeline, their chance for a fresh start. Armed with all the information they needed, they applied for and visited the property. In just one week, the call they had been desperately waiting for arrived – they were granted a place to call ‘home’.  

Shanice and Corey’s chance at affordable housing with Elevate transformed their lives for the better. They had endured the relentless challenges of a cutthroat rental market, unable to compete with dozens of other hopeful tenants. The stress had taken its toll, affecting their finances and straining their relationship and so when they secured an Elevate property, it came with great relief. 

The relief and the stress just felt like it had melted away. Once we got the call to say we got the house, things moved very quickly. In just a short time, we went from almost being homeless to being able to live in our own space and concentrate on raising our son. We didn’t really get to do that living with other people,” said Shanice. 

In their new community, their son is thriving in the local school and daycare, and they are grateful for a fresh start. No longer do they live in fear of eviction or the stress of the unknown. The stability provided by the Elevate affordable housing program has granted them a sense of security and peace of mind that is truly priceless.