A Message from Claire and Neil

Claire (Chair) and Neil (Deputy Chair) provide an update from Foundation Housing's Committee of Residents and Tenants.

April 5, 2023

Hi Everyone,

The CORT has had a really good start to 2023 and has seen the committee working together with Foundation Housing staff on the rewording of several key policies such as rent setting, anti-social behaviour and tenant liability.

These are important issues as they affect all tenants and residents. We hope this will help all of us to have a better understanding and communication of the ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ of how Foundation Housing operates. It is also beneficial as these key policies outline our obligations and responsibilities as tenants and residents.

A number of CORT members attended cultural awareness training in March as we felt that this would help us better understand the cultural needs of our First Nations tenants. It proved to be a very enlightening and interesting course. A big thank you to Foundation Housing for organising the training.

This coming year, the CORT is hoping to tackle some of the issues around sustainability and the impact on tenants and residents. We also hope to work with Foundation Housing around rent-setting and how tenants can get a fairer deal. Rents are not set by Foundation Housing, they have to follow Government rent-setting guidelines, and this is an issue we want to investigate more.

We always welcome new members so if are interested in joining the CORT and helping tenants have the best experience with Foundation Housing, please contact Alison at alisonp@foundationhousing.org.au.


Many thanks,

Claire and NeilĀ