A Model for Success: Foundation Housing’s Operations Department wins National Award for Positive Tenancy Framework

October 11, 2023

In a world where access to housing is an ever-growing challenge, recognition for work in the social housing sector is a testament to unwavering dedication and commitment to those in need.  

Foundation Housing’s Operations Department has recently been honored as the 2023 Australasian Winner of the Australasian Housing Institute’s (AHI) Excellence in Social Housing Award. This accolade signifies their remarkable contribution to the housing industry and their pursuit of a higher standard in housing outcomes.  

Community Housing Providers (CHPs) often grapple with the challenge of balancing the goals of maintaining a healthy business model and sustaining tenancies for the most vulnerable members of the community. Decision-making, particularly whether to maintain or end a tenancy, has significant impacts on tenants, housing providers, and the community. The discretion and judgment exercised in such matters can sometimes lead to a lack of consistent messaging and operational alignment, leaving front-line staff uncertain about what constitutes a “good” decision. 

In recent years, Foundation Housing’s Operations Department recognised the need for strategic and operational alignment. They embarked on a journey to develop a “Positive Tenancy Framework” and introduced a range of Supportive Landlord strategies across their social housing portfolio. This framework aimed to provide transparency in decision-making processes and help staff understand how their decisions impact tenants, the community, and the organisation.  

Kerryn Edwards, General Manager (Operations), reflected on the immense challenges that social housing professionals face in the midst of a housing crisis. In accepting the award, she said it was a well-deserved acknowledgment of the diligent work carried out by the Operations Department and a testament to the efforts of those behind the scenes, working hard to provide stable and supportive housing.  

Foundation Housing’s journey to winning the Australasian Excellence in Social Housing Award is a testament to their commitment to making a real impact in the field of affordable housing. Their Positive Tenancy Framework has not only set a new standard but has also demonstrated that through innovative thinking and a supportive community approach, it is possible to make a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.