Affordable Beginnings: Miriam’s Path to a New Life

January 19, 2024

Stability is often the cornerstone of health and well-being. Miriam’s* story is a testament to the profound impact that affordable housing can have on an individual’s life. 

Before finding a stable home, Miriam’s life was marked by instability – homelessness, couch surfing, hostels, and hotels became transient spaces that took a toll on both her mental and physical health. In the shadows of an unhealthy relationship and struggling with addiction, Miriam was facing a lot of challenges. “Life was always up and down. One time, I couldn’t find a place to stay so I lived in my car for two months. It was also really hard to stay sober when life didn’t seem so great,” she said. 

Miriam ended up in crisis accommodation one week, where she once again had no idea where she was going to live once her time was up or or how she was going to get there. “I couldn’t plan anything because I was living day by day,” she said. “It was a struggle and there is lots of other people out there looking for the same thing – a home. Places get full and the weather gets cold, it’s scary.” However, she was soon connected with the Salvation Army who introduced her to Foundation Housing. Supported throughout her application process, it wasn’t long before she was allocated a place in a share house. 

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard they had a place for me, it seemed really surreal and it didn’t take much time before I was moved in,” she said. “The people I lived with were nice and it was good for me to be in a community again.”

Not long later, Miriam was transferred to her own apartment in a central location and her life has continued to change for the better. She has been able to gain and keep employment, remain sober, have her son over for sleepovers, cook for herself and for the first time, take pride in where she lives. 

One of the main things that Miriam enjoys about her new home is its location. “I am close to my job, the shops, public transport, and medical support. I just walk down to the train station nearby and start my day,” she says.  

From Miriam’s journey, we see the ripple effect of affordable and safe housing – a catalyst for growth, independence, well-being and ultimately, survival. “So many of my challenges have been addressed. I can afford my rent, I have the security of having a bed to sleep in at night, I am eating well – things that were once unattainable are now part of my life,” she says.


*Identity has been hidden for safety and privacy purposes.