Assisting tenants to take the first STEPS toward home ownership

September 9, 2019

Foundation Housing understands that having a safe and secure home provides the foundation to look forward with hope. We want to make sure that those who are interested in home ownership have access to information, support, financial mentoring and connections that can help them explore this option and decide if it’s affordable and right for them.

With funding support from Beyond Bank, we aim to do just this and we are now developing a ‘pathway to home ownership’ program for tenants who have the capacity and desire to own a home of their own.

Together with United Way WA, Foundation Housing has developed first STEPS – a mentorship program that will provide a supported pathway for community housing tenants wanting to explore the option of home ownership. Tenants who start this free program will be matched with a financial mentor to set goals and plan their journey towards owning a home.

The program is initially being promoted to tenants living in the metro area whom, have a combined household income of over $1,000 per week, some of which is earned through wages, and who are paying close to market rate for rent for their current home.

Tenants who have been identified as fitting this profile were invited to participate in an initial workshop with the aim of gathering as much information as possible to help design the final program. We wanted to hear if they have considered home ownership in the past; what has stopped them from progressing this idea and what would help them take this next step.

If you have any further questions about first STEPS please contact Allan Wilkerson