Being a Good Neighbour

One of the keys to having a good experience with your neighbours is to be a good neighbour yourself. We have put some tips together to help you live well with people around you and build a safe and happy neighbourhood.


1. Introduce Yourself

Why not introduce yourself to your neighbours after you move in. Saying “hello” when you run into one another is a great way to get to know your neighbours. You might find you share things in common and you can also talk about issues to do with living in your community.

2. Community Events

Another great way to be a friendly neighbour is to organise a social event, such as a BBQ for everyone that lives in your building or neighbourhood.

3. Noise

It’s good to be considerate of other people, particularly when you’re living in a share housing complex. Noise from loud parties for example could disturb your neighbours, so if you know of a time when your neighbours may be affected by noise from your home let them know beforehand, keep the noise to a minimum and finish at a reasonable hour. Also, remember you may have shared walls. Keep your outdoor/ shared spaces clean, and don’t use your space for anything dangerous or unpleasant.

4. Help Each Other

Neighbours can be a big help to you. Asking them to keep an eye on your home while you are away, water the garden or feed pets could help keep your home safe, secure and well cared for. You can help them out in return when they may be out or away. Or if a problem occurs, you may be able to let them know and help them fix it. Showing that you care about their home as well as yours could mean you have someone looking out for your place as well.

5. Your Right to Privacy

It is also good to remember people do like their privacy and we should always respect that. It’s important to recognise when it is okay to mind your own business.

6. Pets

Pets can be a great addition to your life, but need prior approval with a pet agreement. A good way to ensure your neighbour likes your pet and will enjoy them being around is to train them not to be noisy and exercise them daily.

7. Visitors

You are responsible for the behaviour of other household members or visitors. Bad behaviour by others could put your tenancy at risk.

8. Show Kindness

You could consider once in a while doing a favour for your neighbour, for example help an elderly resident weed their garden. Doing something generous for a neighbour will show them you are a considerate person, and when you need it they may return the favour.


Establishing good terms with your neighbours can have many great benefits. Your neighbourhood will be friendlier, safer, and a nicer place to live.