Changes to emergency relief program  

April 26, 2016

Foundation Housing’s Resource Program has distributed emergency relief funding to tenants to help them overcome short-term financial difficulties.  From the 28th April 2016 we will no longer directly distribute emergency relief assistance to our tenants.  Instead, we will refer tenants who need this support to a financial counselling service or agency that distributes emergency relief funds located  in their area. If you need assistance please speak to your Housing Coordinator who will be able to let you know where to go to for emergency relief funds.

We have made this change because we are redirecting our resources to increase our support services  to those tenants facing difficulties managing their tenancies.  We are doing this by employing more tenancy support workers.  Tenancy Support staff can talk with tenants about their situation and help them to access services and support to help them get their tenancy back on track.  If you need help with a situation that is affecting your tenancy, such as financial debt, drug or alcohol issues or passing your property inspection, please talk to your Housing Coordinator about a referral to our tenancy support workers.