Disability and housing advocacy project

July 30, 2019

Foundation Housing and Carers WA are undertaking an advocacy project called Accessing a Home. The project aims to identify and address barriers people with disability face when seeking adequate, accessible, affordable and safe homes.

The project aims to consult with people with disability and their families and carers to determine and detail their experiences of accessing suitable housing in Western Australia. This information will be used to identify opportunities for reform and advocate for changes to the system to address the barriers identified.

Together with Carers WA, we developed a survey for people with disability and/or their families as well as service providers to gain some information on what people are looking for when they seek a home and the barriers and experiences in gaining housing.

As well as the on-line survey, we conducted in-depth interviews with people with disability and/or their families to better understand the journey towards finding a home and also organising workshops to gain feedback from people with disability and/or their families on their experiences in accessing a home which suits their needs.

Foundation Housing and Carers WA will approach advocacy in an active way, seeking innovative solutions to systemic barriers and lobbying for change at multiple levels with government, service providers, the housing sector and the property development industry.

Please visit the Carers website to find out more about the project. For further information or to share your story please call Felicity Mitchell on 1300 CARERS (1300 227 377) or email policy@carerswa.asn.au.