Getting ahead on your rent for Christmas

September 13, 2017

Would it help you cope with the cost of Christmas if you didn’t have to pay rent for a fortnight over the festive season?

Did you know you can pay a bit extra on your rent each week so that you can build up enough savings to give yourself a rent holiday at Christmas time and use the money on other things?

Here’s how it works.

Your weekly rent = $177

Your weekly utilities charge = $14

Savings goal to have Christmas fortnight off = (177 + 14) x 2 = $382

Christmas is currently 14 weeks away, so $382 divided by 14 = $27.29

You can pay an extra $27.50 per week between now and Christmas to enjoy a rent-free fortnight.

(Note these figures are an example only – you need to use your own rent amount to find your own weekly payment)

If you’d like to do this, here’s what you need to do:

  • Set your goal: a one or two week rent holiday?
  • Work out how much extra you need to pay each week to make this happen.
  • Contact your housing or lodging coordinator to let them know how much you’ll be paying. They’ll set up a payment arrangement for you. If you use Centrepay we can arrange increasing your payments to us between now and Christmas.

We’re also happy to help you prepay your rent if you’re going away at other times of the year as well.