Helping tenants in arrears

May 4, 2017

We recently invited some of our tenants to complete a survey about how we manage rent arrears.  We understand that occasionally tenants can experience difficulty making their rent payment and we want to find ways to help tenants in this situation get back on track and keep their tenancy secure.

Thanks to everyone who let us know what they thought what might be helpful. The suggestion with the most support was for tenants to receive a referral to Foodbank (where they can buy food at a greatly reduced rate) and then use the money they’ve saved on food to make a larger first instalment on their arrears.

If you find yourself having difficulty making a rent payment, please let your Housing Coordinator know straight away.  They can provide advice and support to help you get back on track and prevent you becoming in breach of your tenancy.

Every person who completed the survey went in a draw to win a $100 Coles voucher.  Congratulations to our winner, Ashley, pictured below.