How much is that doggie in the window?

February 16, 2016

Thinking about bringing a pet into your home? It’s a big decision and one best made with your head rather than your heart.

As much joy as they provide, pets also bring with them considerable expense – up to $25,000 across the average life of a dog or cat. Many costs are unavoidable. For example, since November 1 2015, the WA Government requires that all dogs of any age and breed must be microchipped. This can cost anywhere up to $70 for each dog, although some local councils do subsidise part of the cost. Some councils will also subsidise the cost of sterilisation (not compulsory but a very good idea). Check your local council’s website for details or give them a call.

We do understand the companionship that a pet can provide and will always try to accommodate these requests, however not all homes are suitable for pets. You’ll need to check with your Housing Coordinator first. If your home is deemed safe and suitable, then you’ll be given a copy of our Pet Policy and Agreement and this will form part of your Residential Tenancy Agreement. You’ll also need to pay a $250 bond (fully refundable) to cover any cleaning and damage costs when your tenancy finishes.