Private landlords

Foundation Housing uses its extensive property management expertise to work in partnership with private landlords who are willing to let their investment property to us through a head lease arrangement in exchange for a range of attractive benefits.

20 Lives 20 Homes Fremantle

This program provides affordable long-term housing and extensive support to some of the most vulnerable homeless people in Fremantle so they can stabilise and build a solid foundation for a better future.

Homes within the program are managed by Foundation Housing on a ‘Head Lease Agreement’.  The clients residing in them are charged a weekly rent that is subsidised by the State Government at a similar rate to social housing properties.

“We are very pleased to hear the tenant is settling in.  We are happy to support in anyway we can and congratulations on the program.” HM – 20L20H Fremantle Landlord

A number of community service organisations provide 20 Lives 20 Homes clients with wrap around services, including outreach and intensive support delivered by St Patrick’s Community Support Centre and Ruah Community Services.

20 Lives 20 Homes Fremantle is supported by the Department of Communities.

The benefits for landlords participating in the program include a guaranteed income for 12-months with no property management fees, plus the satisfaction of knowing they are using their asset to help those in need.

If you would like to learn more about 20 Lives 20 Homes, including whether your property may be suitable, contact Kylie at

“Delighted to be able to participate and hopefully change lives for the better. Go well.” PK – 20L20H Fremantle Landlord
Jo Arthur 08 9422 0705

The Department of Communities are also running a program that offers social housing leasing opportunities to landlords.  For further information on this program click here

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