Leaving Your Home

A tenancy with Foundation Housing can end for a variety of reasons and can be ended either by you as the tenant or by Foundation Housing as the landlord.

Whatever the reason we will work with you to make the vacating process as safe and simple as possible.

When you end your tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy and leave the property, you need to give us a minimum period of notice (see chart below) in writing.

  • Fixed term tenancy – 30 days
  • Periodic tenancy – 21 days

Once we have received this notice in writing, your Housing Coordinator will contact you to discuss the vacating procedure. If you don’t tell us that you are ending your tenancy, we might think that you have abandoned your home.

What you'll need to do

Once you have let us know that you will be ending your tenancy in writing, you will need to:

  • remove all of your items from the property
  • clean the property
  • fix any damage that would be considered your responsibility
  • return all keys (once you have done all the above)

Your home will need to be in good condition when you leave. We can provide you with a checklist and information to help make this process easier.

In an emergency?

It’s important that you are safe. If you need to leave your home in an emergency, it is still important that you contact us as soon as possible.

If you owe us money

If you can’t pay your bills or you are rental arrears when you move out, you will owe money to Foundation Housing. This includes any bills for damage, cleaning and removal costs if you leave anything behind.


Foundation Housing can give a reference to the person who signed the lease. In our reference we will say whether you:

  • paid the rent on time
  • kept the house in good condition
  • obeyed the rules of your tenancy agreement.

If you need a reference, please contact us.

Returning your bond

Once you have left the property, a Property Condition Report will be done. This will compare the property condition with when you moved in and determine if there is any damage that is your responsibility and which will be charged to you. You will be sent this report to check. If there are any debts owed (such as outstanding rent, utility charges, repairs or damage charges) these will be deducted from the bond before the remainder is returned to you.