Lodging rent decreases

June 29, 2016

Some of our lodging residents will be charged less rent starting in July because of a decrease in the rent rates for properties in Perth and Fremantle.

Our rent assessors have reviewed the rent we charge our lodging residents to make sure that all of our residents are being charged fairly. This will benefit all residents and some will see their rent decrease from their first rent charge in July.

For example, someone on Age Pension or Disability Support Pension in a single renovated room in Hampton Road is currently paying $179 per week plus utilities. After the rent decrease they will be paying $149 per week plus utilities. But someone on Newstart Allowance in the same room will keep paying $141 per week plus utilities because they are already paying less than the new, reduced maximum rent rate for the room.

While the rent review will have an immediate positive impact for some residents, it will also benefit other residents due for rent review following the scheduled September CPI increase to payments such as Newstart Allowance because the maximum rent rate for their room will be lower than it was before. These residents may experience a rent increase in late September because of the pension increases, but we will make sure their rent does not increase above 75% of the new, reduced market rate for their room.

Residents will be informed of the change through a letter.  If you have questions please contact the Rents team who are happy to help. Phone 9227 6480.