Looking After Your Property

You are responsible for looking after your property and keeping it in a good condition, to the same standard as when you moved in.

Tenant Responsibilities

  • Provide access for property inspections
  • Keep the property clean and to a good standard
  • Not damage the property
  • Report any repairs or damage to Foundation Housing as soon as you become aware of it
  • Pay for the cost of any damage caused by you or visitors
  • Ask permission from Foundation Housing if you wish to make any changes in the home (such as installing an air conditioner, painting or installing a shed)

Landlord Responsibilities

  • Undertake routine property inspections up to 4 times/year
  • Undertake asset condition reports (for insurance and other purposes) every 1-3 years
  • Make sure the property is secure
  • Maintain the property and action urgent repairs within 24 hours
  • Respond to requests for alterations and adaptations

Getting Help Around Your Home

We can put you in contact with local services who can help or we can connect you to our support team.