Options & Eligibility

Social Housing

This is allocated via the Department of Communities (DoC) and applicants must have completed the relevant DoC application form and be on their waitlist.

Foundation Housing allocates homes to people at or near the top of this waitlist, as per rules set by the DoC.

Social housing is available to people whose income and asset holdings meet certain criteria as set by the DoC. Details of income eligibility for different housing types and household sizes can be found on the DoC website.

Applicants must also meet the assets test and not hold assets over a certain amount. The DoC’s current asset limits are listed here.

Rent levels for social housing properties are set according to income. Social housing rents cannot exceed more than 25% of household income.

Affordable Housing

Elevate by Foundation Housing is our affordable housing program. It is owned and managed directly by Foundation Housing, not through the DoC.

Rent levels for affordable housing are also set according to the tenant income and cannot exceed more than 30% of the household income.

Homes through the Elevate Housing program are available to people on low to moderate income who meet separate eligibility criteria.

The Elevate Housing program prioritises applications for homes from keyworkers or essential workers, such as those working in healthcare, education, or other community services.


To find out more about the Broome Affordable Housing program, please click here


Lodging Accommodation

This is allocated directly by Foundation Housing.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have a regular source of income eg – wages, Centrelink payments
  • Meet community housing income and assets eligibility criteria as per Table 4 here.
  • Hold Australian citizenship or have permanent residency status
  • Not own property
  • Reside in WA at the time of application and allocation
  • Be able to live independently, with external support if needed
  • Be willing and able to engage in external support services if required to meet resident responsibilities
  • Be aged 24 years or over
  • Accept and abide by the terms of the Licence to Occupy including House Rules
  • Be willing and able to live communally

Foyer Oxford

Foyer Oxford provides young people with fully self-contained transitional housing for up to two years, combined with personalised social supports and opportunities to access employment, education and training. The Foyer can house up to 98 young people between the ages of 16 and 25, including 24 young parents and their children.

There is a selection process that young people need to work through in order to secure a place, with criteria including a commitment to making Foyer an aspirational and supportive environment for all and to engage in work and study. 

Further details are available at or phone Foyer Oxford on 1800 185 685.


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