Lodging & Shared Housing

What is Lodging & Shared Housing?

Lodging and Shared Housing is available directly through Foundation Housing for single people, 24 years or older. We offer eligible applicants a furnished room as well as either a self-contained kitchen and bathroom or shared access to these communal facilities, in one of 14 available buildings around the Perth metro area.

Lodging residents are charged a fortnightly combined rent and utility charge, making it an affordable and easy to manage form of accommodation.

Lodging Eligibility

To be eligible for Lodging accommodation you must: 

  • Have a regular source of income e.g. – wages, Centrelink payments
  • Meet community housing income and assets eligibility criteria as per Table 4 here.
  • Hold Australian citizenship or have permanent residency status
  • Not own property
  • Reside in WA at the time of application and allocation
  • Be able to live independently, with external support if needed
  • Be willing and able to engage in external support services if required to meet resident responsibilities
  • Be aged 24 years or over
  • Be willing and able to live communally
  • Be willing to agree to the terms of the Licence to Occupy and House rules

How to Apply

Complete our online application form.

Who can live in a lodging or shared house?

This kind of accommodation is for single people, aged 24 years old and over who are not able to pay for other kinds of accommodation through their own savings or assets. We offer residents a room at a subsidised rate. 

How do I pay rent?

Rent can be paid in the following ways:

  1. Centrepay Deductions – Your rent is paid directly to Foundation Housing from your Centrelink benefit.
  2. Direct Debit – You can use internet banking or set up a direct debit from your bank account to pay your rent.
  3. You can also make rent payments at your bank in person.

Payment Details

BSB: 086 006
Account Number: 84 376 7322
Account Name: Foundation Housing Ltd
Reference: Your PayBook ID/Tenant first name/Tenant surname.

Am I eligible to live in a lodging or shared housing?

You may be eligible if you can answer YES to all of these: 

  • I have a regular source of income (for example, a Centrelink payment or wages)
  • I meet the Community Housing Income and Assets Eligibility Criteria (maximum income $1,970 per fortnight)
  • I am at least 24 years old
  • I am living in Western Australia at the time of my application and allocation
  • I can live independently (with external support if required)
  • I agree to keep to the terms of the License to Occupy and House Rules
  • I am willing to use shared facilities 

How are rooms allocated?

Rooms are allocated in the order that we receive applications and depends on suitability of the room. 

Can I transfer my room or to another lodging house?

We will support existing residents in moving rooms within our lodging accommodation to make sure we are making the best use of available rooms and to meet the needs of residents. Although the ability to change rooms is important for existing residents, we also need to consider the needs of applicants waiting for accommodation. 

Where are the lodging houses located?

We have lodges across the Perth metro area including Northbridge, East Perth, Mount Lawley, Subiaco and Bassendean. We also operate a lodge in Broome. 

What is the difference between Lodging and Mainstream Accommodation?

Lodging is accommodation is a single room only, in a building sharing the facilities with other residents such as kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Lodging residents must abide by the House Rules and can receive additional support to sustain their accommodation. Lodging accommodation has a live-in caretaker. Mainstream accommodation is a self-contained property which is protected under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987. 

What happens during my assessment and what do I need to bring?

You will be asked a few questions to determine if our accommodation is suitable to your needs. You will need to bring photo ID and proof of residence, confirmation of income (Centrelink statement or wage slips), any support letters and your contract details. 

What happens next and what if I decline an offer of accommodation?

If eligible, you will be placed on a wait list until a vacancy becomes available. When we contact you with an offer to view a room, you will need to view the room within 24 hours from the offer and if you accept the room, a sign-up appointment will be made within three days of the offer. You will be advised of the move in costs by the Lodging Coordinator which must be paid on the day of sign-up appointment (EFT available – no cash payment will be accepted). We make up to two offers of accommodation in the suburb of your choice. If you decline an offer of accommodation twice without reasonable explanation you will be removed from the wait list for six months. 

If I decide to vacate, how much notice is needed?

Under the Licence to Occupy, three days notice in writing is needed to terminate the agreement.