Mental Health Service accreditation achieved

May 27, 2020

Foundation Housing is proud to have recently achieved formal three year accreditation of the Mental Health Services Accreditation Program, against the National Standards for Mental Health Services.

Foundation Housing manages around 30 properties for the Western Australian Mental Health Commission’s Independent Living Program, providing supports linked to housing for individuals with mental illness. Achieving accreditation required ensuring that Foundation Housing was able to successfully meet the ten National Standards for Mental Health Services set by the Australian Government which collectively signal that Foundation Housing is receptive to the needs of people living with mental illness and has inclusive practices.

The tenancies in the Independent Living Program are managed by Foundation Housing’s Managed Properties team who take a highly compassionate and caring approach to their work.  The team’s manager, Jo Arthur said her team were committed to helping the tenants succeed in maintaining their home and happily go the extra mile to assist tenants when needed.

“Our team are very sensitive to the individual needs of tenants living with mental illness and they understand that on some days, extra patience as well as kindness is required.  We get a great deal of satisfaction helping our tenants maintain their tenancy so that they can enjoy the stability that long term housing brings,” Jo said.






Jo (second left) and the Managed Properties team