Disability Housing

Foundation Housing's joint ventures have delivered independent living homes for people with disabilities

Summer Housing

Foundation Housing have partnered with Summer Housing, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit which specialises in accommodation for people with a disability. Foundation Housing manage ten individually customised apartments for Summer Housing tenants within a large community development. The Arthouse building is a landmark apartment complex in the heart of Joondalup.

The beautifully presented single-level apartments have been designed to achieve Platinum level certification under ‘Livable Housing Design Guidelines’ and meet ‘High Physical Support’ or ‘Fully Accessible’ design requirements under the NDIS.

Each apartment is tailored to the user’s particular needs to ensure ease of access and livability. Blinds, lights and even the front door are managed with a controller. A two-way communications system enables tenants to contact support workers (living nearby in another Arthouse apartment) in the event of an emergency or unplanned support need. The apartments are high quality and well located near transport and local amenity such as shops and health facilities, all key factors in independent living.

Summer Housing are currently accepting applications for the remaining Arthouse apartments – click here to apply.


Specialist Disability Accommodation – Activ Foundation

Foundation Housing have partnered with Activ Foundation to develop Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes for six Activ customers in Bassendean to be completed in October 2022. SDA homes are bespoke properties designed and built to meet the unique and specific support needs of individuals living with a disability.

Foundation Housing is working closely with Activ on the project, to ensure the houses are well suited to the individual customers. Special needs equipment in the houses will include structural provision for hoists and rails, an uninterrupted power supply, and smart wiring to enable automated control of blinds, heating, lighting, gates and communications. This assistive technology will mean that Activ’s customers will be better able to complete daily living tasks within their homes, enabling them to live more independently. The houses will have a seven-star environmental rating

According to the WA Housing Strategy 2020-2030, more than 1300 people were estimated to need Specialist Disability Accommodation in 2019. Foundation Housing currently houses 476 people living with a disability, with 171 properties assigned especially for people living with disability. This investment will increase that number, and will be the first property built by Foundation Housing specifically to meet ‘High Physical Support’ design requirements under the NDIS.

The Minister for Housing, the Hon. John Carey MLA attending the sod turning ceremony on Monday 6 September 2021:

“Foundation Housing and Activ have come together to create homes that provide the right support for those who need it. I am looking forward to the completion of this project and what the future will bring for the special disability accommodation space,” the Minister said.

To find out more about Foundation Housing’s disability housing partnerships please email General Manager Commercial Development stuartd@foundationhousing.org.au