Positive Outcomes for the Community: 7 Carman Way

August 24, 2023

Having a well-located and well-designed home is important to feel safe, secure and connected in the community. Foundation Housing wanted to ensure that the future tenants of the SDA housing would feel a sense of belonging and connection to the community and environment.

The homes adjoin a leafy parkland, which provided the perfect opportunity to commission award-winning artist Sioux Tempestt who crafted a unique design that celebrated local flora, fauna, the community and its growth, sharing: “The unique artwork style aims to create a strong narrative, creating a connection for tenants and the community to feel a sense of belonging.”

Bassendean residents have also been positively impacted by the new properties.

“How lucky am I! This stunning mural is what I get to see across the park each time I look out my kitchen window,” says Bec, Bassendean resident.

A significant amount of forethought was also given when designing the homes, ensuring tenants were not burdened by future operating costs. Sustainability was key, with each house boasting a seven-star environmental rating. Provisions included:

  • 3,000L rainwater tanks connected to toilets and washing machines to recycle water
  • Solar panels and battery backup systems reduced electricity bills
  • Double glazing to all windows for better heating, cooling and insulation

High-quality finishes and fixtures were also chosen for their durability, friendliness to the environment and to avoid replacement in the short term.