Property Standards

Our goal is to work with you to ensure the property is kept to a good standard so your tenancy isn’t impacted.

What are property standards?

Foundation Housing as a landlord and you as a tenant have responsibilities to maintain your home to a minimum standard – this is referred to as ‘property standards’.

Keeping the home clean, safe and liveable is the measure to decide if standards are appropriate as per your tenancy. You are responsible for:

  • keeping the property clean, both inside and outside
  • reporting any repairs as soon as possible
  • keeping the home in the same condition it
  • was when you moved in, less fair wear and tear.

Common Phrases

  • Squalor – Very dirty conditions, making a home unhygienic to live in.
  • Hoarding – A condition where someone gathers an excessive number of items which they’re unable to clear or get rid of. A home can become unsafe and unclean with too many items in one space.
  • Vermin – Small animals or insects that become hard to control if left to breed. Examples are flies, lice, rats and mice, which present health issues and can breed when properties are unclean.

Where can I get help to maintain my property standards?

If property standards become an issue and you are not able to properly manage them, you may be issued with tenancy breaches or a termination. Please don’t let it get to this stage. If you feel you are not coping with managing your home, please contact your Housing Coordinator.

They can help connect you with supports before the property standards become an issue. They can also explain what your responsibilities are and what you need to do to maintain your home.

How are property standards monitored?

We have obligations to ensure properties are kept safe and secure. If homes deteriorate because they’re not being properly looked after by a tenant, this must be addressed before it becomes a health and safety issue for tenants and staff.

Your Housing Coordinator will inspect your property at least twice a year (or more often if the home isn’t being kept to a suitable standard). This inspection will compare the property condition with its original condition when you moved in and see if it is being maintained appropriately by you.