Reaching for the stars with a Foundation Housing Scholarship: Tamryn’s Story

September 29, 2021

Foundation Housing is committed to building the capacity of its tenants and residents by providing opportunities to access further education and development. Every year, Foundation Housing Scholarship Program is available to tenants and residents who are considering or currently undertaking study. 

Tamryn received the Foundation Housing education and development scholarship in 2020 and has just completed her Certificate III in Accounting Administration. She has now been accepted to study a Cert IV Accounting. “After being a stay-at-home mum for nearly 8 years and out of work for 9 years, this is a huge accomplishment,” she says.  

Tamryn thoroughly enjoyed her studies as they allowed her to get out, meet new people and get her brain juices flowing again. She says the qualification will now make her more confident when applying for future jobs because the experience has given her hand-in-hand training with practical software packages that can be used in many workplaces. “I learned so many practical skills that I can apply to not only in my workplace but my life,” Tamryn says.  

Once completing her Diploma in Accounting, Tamryn hopes to open up her own book-keeping and tax firm that employs stay-at-home mums, especially those with special needs children, who can’t find a job with accommodating work hours. She hopes to create a work environment for women like herself that will get them in the right mindset to pursue their goals in the workplace.  

Tamryn encourages everyone who is eligible to apply, “you have the right work skills, you just need the confidence to apply. You can do it!” 

To apply for the 2022 Foundation Housing Scholarship Program and for additional information, click here.