Setting My Rent

Once you have accepted a home with us, you will be asked for income details so that your rent can be set.

How is my rent set?

Rents are set at 25-30% of household income plus Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA). You can also choose to sign an Authorisation Form which allows us to liaise directly with Centrelink about your income and any rental assistance payment you may receive.

Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)

If you are currently receiving a Centrelink benefit, such as Newstart or Disability Support Pension, you are eligible to receive Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA). We will work out how much rent assistance you are
entitled to and will arrange for the claim forms to be signed once you have them from Centrelink.

It is important you claim your CRA Entitlement from Centrelink because Foundation Housing rent charges are based on you receiving this. If you need help claiming CRA, please contact your Housing Coordinator.


A bond is an amount of money you pay at the start of your tenancy to cover any costs you might be liable for at the end of your tenancy (such as property damage, outstanding water charges or unpaid rent).

The maximum bond amount is set in law and is currently 4 weeks of rent. The bond money is held centrally by the State Government Bond Administrator, not Foundation Housing. Your bond will be returned at the end of your tenancy if you do not have any debts owing and do not have any property damage or cleaning costs to pay. Government assistance is available to help people pay their bond and your Housing Coordinator can provide you with information about this if needed.

Rent Reviews and Income Changes

Foundation Housing will conduct up to 2 rent reviews per year. This is to ensure all tenants are paying the correct amount of rent according to their income. When a rent review is completed, you will be asked to provide updated income details. You can also request a rent review at any time if your income changes.

3 quick tips

  1. Make sure your Payment I.D. number is on ALL payments, so they go to the right account.
  2. We do NOT accept cash payments for rent or non-rent charges at any of our offices so a direct debit, bank transfer or Centrepay deduction is needed.
  3. Remember to set up your rent payments straight away to avoid going into rent arrears.