What if my repair is urgent and the office is closed?

Call the same repairs line number (1300 895 205) and it will automatically go to the emergency out of hours service. If you call out of hours and your repair is not an emergency, it will need to wait until the office re-opens to be dealt with.

What if my repair is not completed in the timeframe I was told?

When you request a repair at your property, you will be given a timeframe for when someone will contact you and complete the work. If your repair is not completed within these timeframes, please let the repairs team know so we can follow up.

Which repairs are my responsibility?

You are responsible for minor repairs and keeping the property in good condition. If you are physically unable to complete these repairs, or if it is unsafe for you to do them, we can assist you and will pass on the cost. Examples of repairs that are your responsibility include:

  • replacing locks if you lose your keys
  • replacing lost plugs and chains on sinks, baths, and basins
  • clearing gutters

When will I be charged for repairs?

We will charge you for repairs when you or someone in your home has damaged the property. Examples include:

  • drains and pipes that have been blocked by nappies, sanitary towels, food etc.
  • water damage caused by a bath, sink or washing machine that has been left to overflow
  • broken window or damaged flyscreens

Can I make changes to the property?

If you want to make any changes, you will need to speak to your Housing Coordinator to discuss what those changes are. They may also ask you to put this in writing. Whether we approve the changes will depend on how extensive they are and what impact it will have on the property and neighbours. Examples include asking permission to install air-conditioning or putting a shed in the garden.

Can I make modifications to my home?

In some instances, we will assist with changes to your home. This might be for people living with a disability or illness who require modifications so they can remain living there. Examples would include installing shower railings, a ramp, and additional lights. Please speak to your Housing Coordinator or the Repairs team to ask about the process for applying for modifications.

If the modifications required are extensive, it might be appropriate to apply for a transfer to a more suitable property. Your Housing Coordinator can explain how this is done and can assist you with the transfer application.

How can I provide feedback about repairs and contractors?

It’s really important that we know about the quality of repairs being done at homes and that contractors are doing the work well and being courteous while in your home. You can provide feedback at any time to the repairs team by emailing repairs@foundationhousing.org.au, by calling the repairs line on 1300 895 205 or by completing a feedback form.


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