What if I start a new job? When do I need to tell you?

You should let your Housing Coordinator know of the employment and provide your new income details so a rent review can be completed.

What can I do about repairs or maintenance at my property?

For a maintenance or repair request, you can contact repairs@foundationhousing.org.au, download the Maintenance Manager app, call 1300 895 205 or submit a repair request here. Waiting times are dependent on the urgency of the repair.

Can I paint or make changes to my property?

If you want to make any changes, you will need to speak with your Housing Coordinator to discuss what they are. Whether we approve the changes will depend on how extensive they are and what impact it will have on the property and neighbours.

I would like a family member/ friend to move in with me – is that possible?

You must receive approval before the person(s) moves in. Everyone living there will need to provide proof of income and assets to be assessed for continued eligibility and rent review. Please speak with you Housing Coordinator to discuss any household changes.

Can friends or visitors stay? How long?

A visitor may be relatives, carers, children, or partners who stay at your property for no more than 3 nights a week and have a permanent residency elsewhere. Visitor(s) are able to stay at your property for a period of up to 4 weeks (or 28 days). You will need to let your Housing Coordinator know of any regular visitors to your property.

Can I get spare keys cut?

You can arrange to do this yourself. If you lose keys and need them replaced or need the locks changed, this is considered Tenant Liability and you will be charged for this.

Can I have a pet?

You must ask us for permission first. Not all our properties are suitable for pets and not all types of animals are suitable for our properties. If we give permission for you to have a pet, you will need to pay a Pet Bond which goes towards the extra cleaning costs associated with the property if you leave.

Who is responsible for cleaning common areas and mowing communal lawns?

This is our responsibility and we will have contracts in place such
as gardening and cleaning if this work is needed at complexes. You
are responsible for cleaning up after yourself in an area such as a
communal laundry.