Feedback & Complaints

We care about the services we provide. Complaints, appeals and feedback give us the opportunity to make improvements or changes to these services.

If you have any issues with your residency, please speak with your Coordinator first. If they are not able to resolve this for you, they will inform you of the next steps you can take.

Making a Complaint

Tenants and residents have the right to make a complaint about the service they receive from us including contact with our staff, access to our services or the standard of service you have received. Complaints are managed by a central function so that there is independence in their investigation and responses. Complaints detail is also reviewed by senior managers to ensure they are being properly responded to and to identify if there are any common themes.

Appeal a decision

If you disagree with a decision made that relates to your residency or tenancy, you can appeal this and have it formally reviewed.

What is the difference between an appeal and complaint?

• A complaint is when you are not satisfied with something related to services you receive, including your
interactions with staff, or the handling of a complaint by Foundation Housing.
• An appeal is a request to have a decision reviewed.


If you have general feedback about our services, or wish to pass on a compliment or comment about a particular staff member or contractor, we welcome this information. Feedback helps us to make service changes, lets us know if we are getting things right or not, and allows us to recognise staff and contractors for good work.

How to make a complaint, appeal, or provide feedback

  • Right here, through the form below
  • Over the phone by calling Foundation Housing on 9422 0700
  • Download a Feedback Form and mail or email it back to Foundation Housing
  • Email
  • Request an interview or to speak with someone in person. We can arrange an interpreter if required.


The file record of the complaint will be confidential. No identifying information will be communicated to other residents or applicants, people in the organisation who are not directly involved with resolving the complaint, or people outside the organisation, without the person’s permission.