Tenant Improvement Request

Alterations and Additions Request Form

You can use this form to request approval to undertake alterations and/or additions to your property where Foundation Housing is the Lessor/Owner. If you wish to install an external item, such as a garage or pergola, you will also need to contact your local council. Your council will inform you of the specific building requirements you must meet. You may also be required to pay for a building permit.

If you need more information or assistance to complete this form, please contact your Housing Coordinator or our Property Services Team on 1300 895 295. To download a physical copy of the form, click here.

  • Your Details

  • Details of alteration or addition

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  • Installation Details

    If a qualified company and/or tradesperson is to install the alteration, please provide their details below.
  • Conditions of Approval

  • 1. Foundation Housing Ltd (FHL) is not involved in any expense for the inclusion of the item/s listed in this application. The tenant must not commence the works before FHL advises in writing that the works have been approved. 2. The work is to be carried out by a qualified tradesperson, or in a trade-like manner, without damage to the property. If the property is damaged, the tenant will be responsible for the cost of repairs. 3. If a permit is required for the works from the local council, the tenant must get that approval at their own expense. The works must not commence before the permit is given. The works will be subject to inspection by FHL. The tenant is to contact FHL office when the works are finished. If the council has issued a permit for the works, the tenant must get a final inspection notice and give that to FHL. 4. The item/s listed in this application form is/are to be maintained at the tenant’s expense and insured by the tenant. 5. The work carried out must comply with all laws and be relevant to Australian standards and industry standards. 7. In the event that the tenant vacates the property, the tenant will meet the cost of restoring the property to its original condition. 8. TV antennas can only be fixed to brick and concrete chimneys with approved brackets to the manufacturer’s specifications. 9. Each application will be assessed on its own merit and without bias. FHL reserves the right to refuse any application deemed to be inappropriate.
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