Tenants co-design new ways to save money

We partnered with local support providers to engage and empower our tenants.

April 5, 2023

Foundation Housing recently partnered with Uniting WA and the Spiers Centre to deliver workshops for tenants and residents to co-design new ways to save and be empowered to make positive change with their finances.

Thank you to those who joined us and shared their insights on living with a low income. Here are some tips that participants shared:


Calculate how much you need each year per utility (phone bill, rent, car service) and divide it by 26 weeks. Each payment day, put that amount into a separate account to ensure you always have enough money to pay your bills.


Visit your local bank branch (or go online) and organise your utility costs to come out of your account automatically through a direct deposit.


Download the Petrol Spy Australia App on Google Play or the App Store to monitor cheap fuel days.

Meal Preparation

Buy cheap food in bulk, make meals and then freeze them to save on grocery spending.

Foodbank WA

Save money on groceries by getting a referral and shopping with Food Bank. Visit their website for more information.

No Interest Loans

Borrow up to $2000 for essential goods and services with no interest from a NIL provider. Visit Good Shepherd Australia for more information.

Food Hampers

Follow Mercy Care and/or Good Shepherd Australia on Facebook or subscribe to their newsletters and be notified when they are giving away hampers. Call Margaret Court on (08) 9202 7111 or The Pantry on 0492 955 712 to find out about their food donation services.