Antisocial behaviour

We expect our tenants to respect their neighbours and their community by not behaving in ways that disturb people’s peace or safety.

Our commitment

We will respond to all complaints of antisocial behaviour about our tenants, their families or visitors to our tenants. We will take all reports of antisocial behaviour seriously and investigate them.

Steps you can try

Talk to the person committing the antisocial behaviour if you feel confident enough to do so. When people live close together, they don’t necessarily realise that they are disturbing others. Explain to them, politely, that they are causing a problem.

Contact us

If you are also Foundation Housing tenant and have tried to speak to the person committing the antisocial behaviour without success, or don’t feel that it is appropriate to speak to them, please contact your Housing Coordinator and explain the problems you are experiencing.

If you are a neighbour of a Foundation Housing tenant who you believe is acting in an antisocial way, please contact our head office on 08 9422 0700 during office hours where you will be directed to the appropriate staff member.

Contact other agencies

It is important that you also report antisocial behaviour to other appropriate agencies.
• If you are witnessing excessive noise, you should also contact Environmental Health at your local council.
• If it is a criminal matter, you must also report it to the police.
• In an emergency, phone 000.

What you can expect from us

• We take zero tolerance approach to antisocial behaviour and will work in partnership with other agencies, such as the police to prevent and tackle antisocial behaviour and crime.
• When you report antisocial behaviour to us, we will contact you within our agreed response times and give you the name of the person dealing with your case.
• We will treat reports of antisocial behaviour confidentially.
• We will agree an action plan with you, advising what we can do and what you can do to resolve things.
• We will keep you informed of any progress but also expect you to keep in contact with us until it is resolved.

What we expect from our tenants

We expect you to keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement and not act in an anti social way.

What happens afterwards?

After we have investigated your complaint we will tell you;

  • About any action we have taken to deal with the problem
  • Why we are not able to take action
  • If we do not have enough evidence to take action, and
  • We will help you to try and find another solution.


We will not reveal your identity unless you agree that we can. We may need to share your information with other agencies but will ask for your permission before we do this.

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