Your Rent

We provide subsidised housing for people on low incomes. This includes people whose income is too high to make them eligible for public housing but may struggle to afford mainstream housing. The amount of rent we charge each tenant varies, however our tenants will never be charged more than market rent for a property.

Ways to pay your rent

Centrepay Deductions

A free service for customers to pay bills as regular deductions from their Centrelink payments. Please contact Centrelink or Foundation Housing for more details.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Payment can be made online via your online banking website.

BSB: 086 006
Account Number: 84 376 7322   
Account Name: Foundation Housing Ltd
Reference: Your PayBook ID

Make sure you identify your payment correctly (see below).


Eftpos is available for debit cards. Credit Cards are not accepted.

How to let us know you have paid your rent

Please make sure you include this information in your Electronic Funds Transfer when you pay your rent so we know who the payment is from:

  • Your Paybook ID number / tenant’s first name / tenant’s surname

Remember to keep your receipt as proof of payment.

Setting up online banking and electronic funds transfers

Banking online or from your mobile phone is a convenient way to access your bank account and pay your rent to us. You can make a single payment each time your rent is due or set up an automatic deduction that occurs every fortnight.

Be aware that if you do not have enough funds in your account to pay your rent, you may be  charged by the bank for dishonoring the payment.

The ASIC Moneysmart site has more information on online banking here

If you would like to know how to set up electronic banking and transfer funds your bank will have information on its website. We have included links to most bank’s websites below.  Visit your own bank’s website for information on setting up your account online and transferring funds, as it differs from bank to bank.


Rent schedule

Rent payments to Foundation Housing are due every 14 days. Your first payment will be charged on the day you sign your rental agreement so you will always be paying for the next 14 days in advance.

Rental debt

Falling behind in your rent payments – known as arrears – affects us and you. It’s in everybody’s best interests to minimise unpaid debt and sustain your tenancy.
We respond to arrears in an open, honest and sensitive way. Our approach includes:
• preventative measures to avoid arrears in the first place
• identifying problems with tenancy arrangements and responding to them as early as possible
• giving tenants support and guidance to help them reduce their arrears
• taking action that is appropriate to the level of arrears and the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.

Under your tenancy agreement, you have a legal responsibility to pay your rent every fortnight (two weeks in advance) and to pay utility charges (electricity, gas, water and so on) when you receive an invoice for them.
Please tell us about any circumstances that may affect your ability to pay your rent or utility charges.
We will always communicate immediately with a tenant whose payments have fallen into arrears so that, wherever possible, we can lend support and financial advice before the debt becomes unmanageable. If a tenant cannot pay off the debt in a single payment, we will arrange a repayment plan to reduce the arrears. We will only take legal action when all our other attempts to recover the arrears have failed.

You can read our full policy on Rent Arrears here.

Changes to your income

It is very important that you let us know if there is a change to the number of people living in your home or a change to your household’s total income. These changes can affect the amount of rent you are charged. If your income has decreased, you may be entitled to a reduction in your rent from your next payment.
You can use the form below to advise us of changes to your household income.

Household Declaration Form

Multiple Consent Authority

How we set our rents

The rent we charge our tenants depends on a variety of factors including the type of accommodation itself and the income of everyone who lives in the property.
The amount is discussed when you are made an offer of housing and confirmed before you sign a tenancy agreement.
You’ll be asked to provide details about your income when you go on the joint waitlist. Once you are offered accommodation with us we will ask you for more information about your income and ask you to complete a Household Declaration form. There is more information about how rents are set on this Information Sheet.

Reviewing your rent

All of our tenants can expect to have the amount of rent they pay reviewed every 6-12 months. In this process you will be asked to provide details of your income. To make this easier you can choose to sign an Authorisation Form which allows us to liaise directly with Centrelink about your income and any rental assistance payment you may receive.  You can read more about the process of reviewing your rent on this Information Sheet.

Commonwealth Rent Assistance

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) which you can claim through Centrelink. Centrelink needs to know the amount of rent you pay to work out your CRA entitlement, so if your rent amount changes you should let Centrelink know. If you don’t receive the amount of CRA that has been estimated in your rental assessment, and Centrelink have the right information about the rent you pay, you need to inform your Housing Coordinator as we may be able to adjust your rent.

Paying your water bill

The Water Corporation will send you a water bill every two months.

To make a payment or to explore your payment options, please visit or call 1300 369 645.

Make sure your repayment arrangement is enough to pay your current charges and pay off the debt, otherwise your debt will continue to
grow and further action will be taken.

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