The good news on student jobs

June 14, 2018

The rent we charge our tenants is generally based on the income of everyone living at the property, not just the primary tenant, so you may be concerned that any money younger members of your family living in your home earn will affect your rent.

But the good news is that if they’re under 21 or a full-time student under 25 years old and part your family, we’ll only include 10% of their income in the rental rate. So young people can be earning money to help with their living expenses and other goals like buying a car or travel knowing it won’t affect their family’s housing situation.

If you are aged 17 to 24 and looking for work experience to improve your chances of getting a job, Youth Jobs PaTH can help you gain skills that employers are looking for, and you can also get an extra $200 per fortnight on top of your income support payment when you enter a PaTH internship.