This information is related to mainstream tenancies only.

We recognise that tenants’ housing needs can change over time, and – where possible – we aim to move existing tenants into an alternative property that better suits the family’s needs.


Transfers are considered for medical, education and other support needs. To be eligible for a transfer, you will have to meet the transfer eligibility criteria, outlined below:

  • Tenancy held for at least 12 months
  • No rental arrears or tenant liability debt or an agreed repayment plan in place which will clear any debt within six months
  • Home and garden is maintained in a clean and reasonable condition
  • Tenancy agreement terms are being met
  • No breaches within the last three months
  • Ongoing eligibility for community housing.

Our Commitment

Foundation Housing will:

  • Assess transfer applications in a transparent manner consistent with the eligibility criteria
  • Maintain an up-to-date transfer waiting list
  • Undertake regular reviews of transfer applications to assess ongoing eligibility.

How to apply for a transfer

To be considered for a transfer, please contact your Housing Coordinator who will conduct an initial eligibility assessment. If you are eligible, a written transfer application form will be completed with you.

What happens after I apply?

When Foundation Housing receives an application, a representative will visit the property within one month to assess the standard of the home and to discuss details of the request. This representative will then make their notes on the application and provide it to Management for consideration.

Management will review the application in accordance with the eligibility criteria and either approve or decline the application. This decision will be communicated to the applicant within one week of the property visit, together with any associated reasoning for the decision.

My application was declined, what happens next?

Applicants who have been declined are free to make further applications once any reasons for decline have been addressed.

I have been approved for a transfer, what happens next?

  • Once approved, applications will be further assessed to determine their priority categorisation and will then be held on a waitlist in date order, under each category.
  • If a Foundation Housing property becomes vacant, the allocations team will review the transfer list as part of the allocation process to determine if there are any suitable applicants.
  • In order for Foundation Housing to offer a transfer, the details recorded on the application will be checked to confirm that the tenant remains eligible.


If a tenant does not agree with any of Foundation Housing’s decisions or actions, they can appeal against them under Foundation Housing’s Appeals policy.