We’re launching our Reconciliation Action Plan

May 22, 2019

Foundation Housing will launch its first Reconciliation Action Plan during National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June).

CEO Kathleen Gregory says the plan was developed out of a desire to acknowledge the Foundation Housing’s commitment to Aboriginal reconciliation.

“Through the implementation of this Reflect RAP, we’re embarking on a journey that will see our organisation take both symbolic and practical steps towards ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the same access to opportunities available to all Australians.

“A RAP is an especially important initiative for us a community housing provider to pursue because Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make up 15% of our current tenant base. Through this plan we believe that we can positively contribute to closing the gap and help to provide equal access to opportunities, particularly access to affordable housing, “ Ms Gregory added.

“Access to housing is critical because we know that Aboriginal people are over represented in homelessness statistics and on housing waiting lists across Western Australia. We believe that providing secure and affordable housing to Aboriginal people is essential in creating safe and strong communities.”

The implementation of Foundation Housing’s first RAP is underpinned by its core values of caring for people and nurturing relationships.

“Our staff work closely with our Aboriginal tenants in the course of managing their tenancies and in supporting them to sustain their tenancies with us. We believe it’s important that as an organisation we are culturally aware and competent when we engage with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tenants.

“Through our Reflect RAP we also wish to build upon the existing relationships we have with the broader community, Aboriginal corporations, community service providers and government,” concluded Ms Gregory.

The ‘Reflect’ RAP has been developed by staff in Foundation Housing’s RAP Committee (pictured) with assistance from Reconciliation Australia and other stakeholders and is the first of three planned by Foundation Housing.

The RAP features artwork by Yamatji and Wajarri Noongah / Yuet woman, Anthea Corbett, which was commissioned by Foundation Housing to celebrate the commencement of its reconciliation journey.

Foundation Housing’s Reflect RAP