What is anti-social behaviour?

June 14, 2018

While we always want to ensure our tenants are safe and protected from anti-social behaviour, we’ve recently received a number of calls from people reporting ‘anti-social’ behaviour which isn’t actually classified as this. As a reminder to all tenants:

Anti-social behaviour is that which ‘disturbs, annoys or interferes with a person’s ability to go about their lawful business.’

It includes

  • physical or domestic violence,
  • drug or alcohol abuse and
  • damaging property.

Some issues that are not regarded as anti-social behaviour are:

  • babies crying,
  • cooking odours,
  • children’s play and
  • retaliatory or ‘tit-for-tat’ disputes between two households.

If you are having issues with someone that is bothering you but their behaviour isn’t technically anti-social, we recommend talking to them, if you feel confident enough to do so. Sometimes when people live close together they don’t realise they are disturbing others so try and politely explain the situation to them to see if you can come to a compromise.

For more information on anti-social behaviour, read our information booklet online.