Are you interested in studying at university?

June 27, 2019

Foundation Housing are continuing to work with Catalyst Clemente to provide tenants with the opportunity to take part in a free university course.

Catalyst Clemente is an education program delivered by Edith Cowan University that teaches university courses in the arts and humanities in a community setting.  It’s designed for people who haven’t had the opportunity to complete higher education in the past due to challenges in their life – including financial constraints, health and social issues, and other factors.

There is no cost to take part. The next course commences at the end of July at Midland Junction Lotteries House. One unit is taught each semester, with the course taking two years to complete.

Once you complete the course you will graduate with a University Certificate in Humanities and Arts. With this certificate you can enroll into a relevant Edith Cowan University Bachelor’s Degree.

A number of our tenants have recently graduated from this course and are now eligible to start a university degree.

If you would like more information about the course please contact Sharon Kostopoulos on or 0434 951 798 and download the brochure.