Broome North Affordable housing

Welcome to our Broome affordable housing program, providing accommodation for keyworkers on low to medium incomes.

What is Broome’s affordable housing program?

These homes are for key workers and their families. Key workers are those who work in the community in an essential role but who are not eligible for social housing as their income is too high. The one and two-bedroom properties are all located in Broome North.

They are currently all occupied, however as leases come to an end and income eligibility changes, homes do become available. If eligible, your details will go onto our waitlist.

Who is eligible?

Under the NRAS scheme, Foundation Housing must ensure that dwellings are only rented to eligible tenants who are able to provide 12 months proof of income. To be eligible you must be a keyworker (such as those working in industries like Healthcare, Emergency Services, Education, Childcare, Not-for-profit, Retail, Transportation and Local Government) and meet the NRAS Initial Household Income Limits for the 2023-24 criteria. The minimum gross annual income is $58,905 and the maximum combined family income is $140,064 (subject to eligibility criteria)

Additionally, you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Not own any property or land
  • If single, not have assets above $332,000
  • If partnered, not have combined assets above $412,500

How to Apply

Complete our online application form.