Elevate Housing

Welcome to Elevate, a new housing program owned and run by Foundation Housing and aimed at providing affordable homes for people on moderate incomes in WA, with a particular focus on keyworkers.

Why Elevate?

Elevate offers fantastic, well located, quality and affordable accommodation. Tenants in our Elevate homes pay rent at 25% under market rates.

The Elevate apartments and townhouses are located in a number of desirable areas both north and south of the river. They offer great amenities, the latest in quality finishes and access to a great lifestyle.

Who is Eligible?

Keyworkers (such as those working in industries like Healthcare, Emergency Services, Education, Childcare, Not-for-profit, Retail, Transportation and Local Government) and applicants earning between circa. $45,000-$102,000 per annum are prioritised.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not social housing. For social housing applications, please check your eligibility here.

We currently have no Elevate vacancies.